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Property Management

In addition to assisting you with all of your buying and selling needs, Cornerstone Realty & Rental, LLC. Serves as a property management vendor. Chris Tucker, Cornerstone’s Broker, is a licensed and experienced real estate professional. In addition, Tina Jungers, who serves as manager of the company, is an experienced individual who will ensure that you receive the maximum benefit from your property while maintaining the property’s quality.

Cornerstone Realty and Rental offers experience and professionalism in Property Management Services in Murray, Kentucky. We specialize in managing single-family homes, apartments, and manufactured homes. Owners who don't want to handle collecting rents, repairs or eviction of problem tenants value our property management services at Cornerstone Realty and Rental. Cornerstone will:

  • Screen prospective tenants

  • Collect your rents

  • Direct deposit to a local bank in Murray, Kentucky or mail a check to the owner

  • Maintain your property in the most cost effective way

Management fees and property maintenance

  • We collect a standard management fee of 10% of gross rents

  • In addition, Cornerstone works with third party vendors to maintain your rental property. The cost to you is $17.00 per hour for service calls and labor, plus the cost of materials, which Cornerstone marks up at a standard rate of 20%.

Tenant Screening Services

  • Credit report

  • Criminal background

  • Prior evictions

  • Rental history

  • Income and employment verification

Internet Marketing

  • Each property will be posted on our website and other websites

  • Rental applications are offered online

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